Nordic Exploration

The wild beauty of nature can be breathtaking, and with enough knowledge you can experience it to the fullest.

I’m Vincent Garnier and I founded Nordic Exploration after having completed my studies to become a certified mountain guide in Sweden. Alongside Nordic Exploration I have been working in the ski patrol for Swedish ski resort Kittelfjäll and as a fly fishing guide in Kiruna, Sweden.

Being a guide means I have the possibility to share my passion for nature with my clients and teaching them new skills as well as helping them take their knowledge to the next level. I do my best to make every adventure a memorable one, whether it is by cooking a special meal, showing a scenic route or seeing a client succeed.

Vincent on a ski touring trip in Sunnmøre.

Vincent on a ski touring trip in Sunnmøre.

Ski touring in Sunnmøre.

Ski touring in Sunnmøre.



“It’s each time a pleasure to depart for an adventure with Vincent. Whether for skiing between mountain and sea in Norwegian fjords or climb and learn fishing. He manages quickly to make his client self-confident thanks to security skills and a perfect knowledge of the areas where he works. As a real passionate nature-lover, he teaches us to both respect it and appreciate it. Each trip was a success and leaves me with rare memories.

In a word, I can’t wait until staying with Vincent again”

– Hugo Berges

Trekking through a glacier in Jotunheimen.

Trekking through a glacier in Jotunheimen.



Trekking with Vincent was an incredible experience!
After reaching a camping site straight out of Lord of the Ring, we got ourselves ready for an amazing trek up to Bøverdalen’s Glacier. You’d think you are prepared for this until you find yourself looking down a 20 meters deep crevasse with only your icepick and crampons as safety to reconsider everything. Thankfully you then recall you had a great guide securing you all along! Vincent was a great supervisor, teaching us about the glacier itself, the techniques to safely travel though the terrain, and making sure everyone was able to enjoy the trip. I highly recommend you try this if you are looking for an out of the ordinary adventure.

I hope I can go back soon!

– Romain Lamoine



If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out, but please make sure to check the FAQ page first as you might find your answer there.

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