Hooked on fly fishing and looking for crystal-clear water for your fly to land on? Welcome to Hedmark, Norway, and its multiple rivers that are all remarkably different from one other.

Cover photo by  Brice Lannay ,  Jotunheimen   Norway

Cover photo by Brice Lannay, Jotunheimen Norway



From the smaller streams like Einunna, to the wide rivers like Glomma these waters are teeming with fish like graylings and trouts. You’ll have the opportunity to become a more experienced flyfisher, as you travel through the area and explore the beauty of this country.

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To get to Hedmark you can either fly directly to Røros, take the train to Alvdal or I can pick you up at the airport in Oslo Lufthaven Gardemoen.

Where To Stay

You can either stay in a hotel or camping but also stay in a tent out in the wild.

What to bring

I can provide you with equipment, though if you have your own you should use that as you know it well.

If you are interested in doing a combination of hiking and fishing you can decide of the degree of difficulty but you will need your own sleeping bag and sleeping mattress.



Available from June to September.

Groups can be of 1-3 persons. Please contact me if you have any further questions in the contact link below.