Hooked on fly fishing and looking for crystal-clear water for your fly to land on? Scandinavia offers multiple rivers, all with remarkable water and a variety of streams to fish in.

If you are more interested in flying out with a helicopter to the more remote locations, taking a hike or just being comfortable fishing closer to a cabin all can be arranged.




Hedmark, NORWAY

From the smaller streams like Einunna, to the wide rivers like Glomma these waters are teeming with fish like graylings and trouts. You’ll have the opportunity to become a more experienced flyfisher, as you travel through the area and explore the beauty of this country. Perfect for those who are looking for more comfort but still good fishing.


kirunafjälL IN SWEDEN

Here the stay will usually be in a tent although cabins are available. This is for those who are looking for an adventure in the Swedish mountains and ready to hike to the rivers of your dreams. It’s also possible to fly with a helicopter to get here.



Accommodations can vary depending on your needs and wishes – if you’re looking for a quiet place in the middle of nature to set up your tent or prefer the comfort of a cabin or lodge all can be arranged.


Equipment needed

  • Fly rods #5 and #7

  • Waders - soles can be important here depending on the area

  • Day backpack 35L

If you don’t have all the equipment you can rent it here.

Included in the trip

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day that your guide will prepare for you.

  • A set of exercises to help you advance your skills on and after the trip.

  • Tea and coffee and snacks available everyday.

  • Transportation to and from the airport or train station.


Upcoming trips



As we’re moving into the colder seasons of the year, the fly fishing season is over. But we recommend planning ahead by reserving your trip for the upcoming season to ensure your spot.