We’ll start by climbing up the mountains, taking a moment to experience our surroundings. For experienced skiers this will demand endurance, and even though this also applies to beginners, we will choose less demanding mountains but with views just as breathtaking. Skiing down will be off piste, but for both beginners and experienced people this will be completely safe and enjoyable.

Ski touring is done in groups of 1-4 people, for larger groups or people wanting to be paired with another group contact us for more info.

By Klara Wåhlberg at a ski trip in  Kittelfjäll, Sweden

By Klara Wåhlberg at a ski trip in Kittelfjäll, Sweden




The Alps of Sunnmøre IN NORWAY

A dream destination for all backcountry skiers, as the area provides all sorts of adventures. It is especially well known for its high jagged peaks and fjord skiing. Summit-to-sea is possible in the right weather conditions and offers a great view of the fjords. The peaks are around 1500 meters over the sea and propose all levels of skiing.


KittelfjälL IN SWEDEN

The True Home of Ski Lovers, has the most beautiful skiing to offer. Located in the south of Laponia the snow conditions are often as good as in Japan and the magical Northern lights make it a place you do not want to miss. As the roads are few the perfect combination with snowmobile and touring makes this place a skiing paradise. You won’t forget the champagne powder once skiing it.



Depending on if you’re going to Kittelfjäll or Sunnmøre and where you’re travelling from you’ll be picked up by your guide at the airport or train station.

The accommodations are plenty – from luxury hotels, cottages and tents to snow caves, which would definitely be a night to remember. Let us know your preferences and we’ll take care of the logistics of booking for you.


Equipment needed

  • Touring Skis (can also be rented on site)

  • Transceiver (can also be rented on site)

  • Probe (can also be rented on site)

  • Shovel (can also be rented on site)

  • Insurance for off piste skiing

Included in the trip

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day that your guide will prepare for you.

  • A set of exercises to help you advance your skills on and after the trip.

  • Tea and coffee everyday.

  • Transportation to and from the airport or train station.

  • Guaranteed scenic routes.

By Anna Henriksson on a ski trip in  Sunnmøre, Norway

By Anna Henriksson on a ski trip in Sunnmøre, Norway



Ski touring season starts in November and ends in May. We recommend contacting us ahead of time to give us more time to tailor the experience to better suit your needs and wants.


Day trips in Kittelfjäll

November 18, 2019 – December 18, 2019.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers, who aren’t afraid of off piste skiing and are looking to explore and test their skill sets.